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Bruce & Sue's Cruise on the

Sovereign of the Seas

February 11-15, 2001


Based on previous reviews I was somewhat hesitant about this cruise. Let me say how wrong I was to be worried! This ship is beautiful, even if she is 13 years old! The staff set the bar for service at exemplary and exceeded it every time! The food was wonderful (don't beleive those folks who blast the welcome aboard buffet - we had mustard encrusted tilapia, shrimp salad, prime rib, etc...). The dining room food was just as good as any restaurant I have ever eaten in (and I live in NY City). The Windjammer buffet was great for breakfast and lunch (we did not eat dinner there so I couldn't speak to that but I'm sure it's wonderful there as well). The midnight buffet dedicated to chocolated is a must! There was an eight foot dragon made of chocolate, along with countless chocolate covered strawberries the size of small oranges.

The stop in Nassau was great - my wife had her hair braided in a french braid with little braids on one side. The people were friendly and when you declined their offers, they left you alone with a smile. We did the Yellowbird tour - They don't tell you that they bring you to this wonderful little beach - so if you do this tour, wear your bathing suits.

Coco Cay is a great place to relax. We did some snorkeling and spent the rest of the day lounging on the beach, sipping Coco Loco's (you gotta get some of these! - They're delicious!). Make sure you get there early to stake out you're beach chair and/or hammock - they go pretty quickly.

We spent Wednesday (Valentine's day) at sea and had a great time relaxing on board (my wife signed up for the top-to-toe massage - two hours of pampering).

We did the Airboat/Aligator tasting tour when the ship docked. We were off the boat and through customs by 8:00 AM. This tour lets you off at the Orlando Airport so it's very convenient. We had a blast on the airboats and the alligator tasted like clams to me.

All in all - a truly great time. We're going to do this cruise again next year (and maybe every year). On a scale of 1 to 10, it rates a 12!

Now for the photos!

Heading Down - Beautiful Newark Airport:

Before the cruise at Cocoa Beach:

Shots at Port Canaveral:

The Wonderful Welcome Aboard Buffet:

Our Room:

Sue Gets Flowers:

Muster Drill:

Some Shots of the Ship:

In the Library:

Getting Our Email:

The Royal Viking Lounge:

In the Dining Room:


Sue getting her hair braided:

On the Yellowbird Tour:

The chocolate midnight buffet:

Coco Cay:

Airboat/Aligator Tour:

Orlando Airport - Coming Home:

A few more to come